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Five Night Stand will be published in three short weeks on May 12. On that day, Lake Union Publishing and Goodreads will be giving away 20 free copies of the novel! Entering is easy — just follow this link and sign up. And don’t forget to mark Five Night Stand as “to read” on your Goodreads page, and to recommend it to your friends. Thanks!


Agnes doesn’t have the talent of language to say or write just what it is she feels while watching Oliver play. His music is something that takes her back to her childhood, to before she was sick, to a time so long ago that she can’t have known what it might be like to have been healthy. The music tells her what is inside of her better than Dr. Mundra’s scanners ever could. She likes to know that others love it as well and watches Lucchesi as he listens, the same wrinkles spreading around his eyes as he’d had while looking through the book of drawings that afternoon. Even Andrew stopped to listen to Oliver Pleasant off and on, his New York jadedness fading away with each note.

Five Night Stand


Featured photo: Sketch by Elizabeth Alley