Holtzclaw on front line of myrian real estate projects

Emphasis on Commercial Real Estate feature for The Memphis Daily News

March 18, 2013

Anna Holtzclaw’s footprint is on property all over Memphis.

Since 2001, the real estate marketing entrepreneur has worked to promote properties developed and designed by the likes of the Henry Turley Co., LRK Inc. and Loeb Properties Inc.

Born and raised in Memphis, Holtzclaw attended St. Mary’s Episcopal School and the University of Tennessee-Knoxville before returning home for a master’s degree in social work.

After receiving an MBA from Boston University, she came home for good after speaking with people in the industry here and being “convinced enough that the job market was going to be friendly to me and I was going to be able to find a great job when I got back,” she said.

The job was vice president of marketing for Henry Turley Co. Company namesake and longtime real estate developer Turley first approached her, she said, with what he called “a little bitty marketing project.”

That project was launching the conversion of the Paperworks Lofts from apartments to condominiums, a new concept for Memphis at the time.

“We were having to explain condo fees and how it was structured and why it was different than an apartment,” Holtzclaw said. “What happens when there are 62 of you that share one roof, who pays for the roof? Kind of educating people how that whole process works.”

With Turley, who she said “is certainly one of the more influential people in my life career-wise,” Holtzclaw helped launch his Wm. Farrington, Shrine Building conversion and Harbor Town condo projects, as well as running his real estate department for a while.

In 2004, however, it was time to move on, and that move would be out on her own with Holtzclaw Group and the goal of continued work on marketing jobs with more personal and professional flexibility … (read more)