International educator Dunster leading Lausanne’s Upper School

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Sept. 6, 2013

In addition to new schoolmates, teachers and subjects, students at Lausanne Collegiate School will need to get used to a new face roaming the halls and keeping order this school year, the 87th in its history.

Stuart Dunster has joined the staff as head of the upper school.

Dunster was educated at Brunel University in west London, where he received a bachelor’s degree in sports studies and geography. After a career start in sales, he felt a stronger calling, through the coaching of rugby and soccer that he was already involved with, to become an educator. At the University of Leicester, he received a Master of Educational Leadership, and began his journey in teaching at The Chalfont’s Community College in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

Dunster was raised with a love for travel that has taken him across continents and through many time zones.

“Every summer I’d always take off to a new part of the world and travel and learn new things,” he said.

It was this passion that was the impetus for him to cross the pond in search of work.

“I jumped at the chance to go to Boston,” he said. “I’d been there before, and it was a great, diverse city, a very international city.”

He took a job as athletics director for the British School of Boston, an international school with United Kingdom-trained instructors, in 2006. He soon rose through the ranks and by 2010 was named as head of high school.

When a job in Memphis showed up on his radar, he wasn’t sure just what to expect, yet was pleasantly surprised . . . (read more)