Pettes finds every day a ‘learning experience’

Law Talk profile for The Memphis Daily News

Nov. 29, 2012

With just more than a month under his belt as a practicing attorney, Brandon Pettes believes he is in the best place possible to begin his career and learn on the job with Glankler Brown PLLC.

“I feel blessed to have a lot of partners in this firm who have taken an interest in me and feed me work so it’s allowed me to gain some skills,” he said.

Pettes grew up in Memphis and attended White Station High School where, in the 10th grade, he was asked by a history teacher to memorize and recite a speech by constitutional lawyer Daniel Webster.

“They say there are very few people who have always known what they wanted to do, I like to think of myself as the exception to that,” Pettes said. “I was just so impressed with the power of (Webster’s) rhetoric that I was interested in perhaps studying the law. And here I am.”

Upon graduation from high school, Pettes followed in Webster’s footsteps and entered Dartmouth College. The cold New England winters would prove to be too much, however, and after two years he transferred to the University of Memphis to get his undergraduate degree in history before going off to the University of Tennessee College of Law … (read more)